Let’s try to focus on the mistakes that players often make. Sometimes you can improve your skills on the training maps, watch demos for days and nights, but you don’t raise your level simply because you’re not working on your mistakes. In this article, we’ll go over the top 5 mistakes that can make you lose in CS:GO. Also, don’t forget that you can buy cs go case from a specialized website. This will help you make the game more varied.

You are trying to win solo

A fairly common mistake many players make is trying to kill all your opponents when you’re solo on the plant. On some maps, such as Mirage, it is very common for a player to have to hold plant B alone. Many players who find themselves in this situation play too aggressively, thereby setting their team-up. It is not uncommon to see the B plant supports, having made an important kill, instead of moving away, trying to find another kill. As a result, the player gives up the plant, and his team is forced to move quickly to make the retake. Remember, if you find yourself on plant one, it’s worth considering a better style of play.

Playing in “good” positions

One of the most popular mistakes made by beginner and intermediate players in CS:GO is constantly using “good positions. There are standard good positions on each of the cards for the defensive side that opponents may not check. However, if you constantly play the same position, your actions will become obvious to your opponent, so changing positions and tactics is the key to success in CS:GO. Even if you constantly change positions, but play it safe, your opponents will know that you are hiding somewhere and will find you, so it is always better to be unpredictable.

Win condition

Many players with an average rating can shoot well and throw grenades but still can’t raise their rank. Why does this happen? Very often the problem place of such players is the tactical component, namely the knowledge of the win condition. Many gamers simply don’t understand how to turn the situation when you’re outnumbered. 

Here’s an example, you’re in a 3vs5 situation for the terrorists’ side and you’re trying to go plant. It’s not uncommon to see players throw away all their grenades, enter the plant, and end up losing the round. In this situation, you could have gotten a lot more out of the grenades if the terrorists had just tried to sell the plant without the grenades and then used them when retaking. So when you make a spread, always try to guess if you will need them in the future.

Lack of communication

CS:GO, like any other team game, requires not only good skill but also a sufficient level of communication with other team members. A big problem I often see in CS:GO matchmaking is that teammates at best only talk about their opponents, but don’t talk about what they are doing. Your teammates need to understand what you’re doing, especially if you want to pull off an unusual move, like getting behind enemies. Communication is especially important when you and your teammates are taking on enemies or taking out enemies together. In general, try to talk more about business, because this is really important.


Multitasking as the quality is of great importance in CS:GO. What it means. When you’re shooting and trying to kill your opponent, don’t forget that his teammate can easily kill you from another corner. Of course, you have to focus on shooting, but always keep in mind that one of the players can pick you up from behind or come out from the other side. You have to make the most of every game moment, so every decision you make about shooting or other movements should be based on the situation in play.

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