Even when you meal prep, sometimes you just don’t have anywhere to put your meals when you leave your home for the day. Packing a full-size cooler isn’t always practical, and some of us don’t have access to a refrigerator during the day. It is a terrible thought that all of our hard work getting our meals ready may go to waste if we can’t keep things cold. Or we may have to eat out and compromise our goals due to convenience.

Lucky for us, Six Pack Fitness solved this whole problem. The bags they have created come equipped with containers and reusable freezer packs that are easy to use, fast to clean, and no trouble to organize. There are a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, and Six Pack Fitness really has put the time and research behind their product to create a quality, usable meal solution. Some of the bags have additional storage and computer sleeves.

A Sample of Six Pack Bags

I received the Renee Meal Management Tote, the Titan Messenger, the Commuter Backpack, and the Cube. They all arrived in excellent condition with everything included that is needed to use them immediately. The reusable freezer packs are designed to be frozen flat and they slide in next to the meal containers to keep food as cool as possible.

The Renee is a professional looking women’s tote with space for four leak-proof meal containers and three freezer packs. Inside is a pocket for up to a 15” laptop and additional storage. The square meal containers hold 20 ounces each and are BPA and PVC-free. The bag is $169.99 and includes two small freezer packs and one large freezer pack. There is also a small supplement container included with the bag.

The inside of the tote is lined and the outside is a durable vegan material that is easy to clean. Black, red, and blue are the available colors in this bag. The handles are comfortable to carry as a tote or over the shoulder if desired. This is a very well-designed tote that kept practicality and the user in mind.

The Titan Messenger comes in black and has a padded shoulder strap for one shoulder wear or cross-body wear. The Titan is $149.99 and has four leak proof meal containers with a similar inner organizational layout to the Renee bag. The reusable freezer packs are included along with a 20 ounce supplement container and mesh pockets to store water bottles and shaker cups. There is a laptop sleeve capable of holding a 15” laptop and the main compartment has enough room for additional items, as needed.

The Commuter Backpack is excellent for hands-free use while traveling or commuting to work and the gym. This bag is $149.99 and has a number of pockets and a very large, lined inner interior. This bag features room for the three meal containers and three gel ice packs. The meal container compartment zips from the front on this bag, so your items loaded in the interior of the bag stay packed and undisturbed in the upper portion.

Why I Love These Bags

These bags really are awesome. They solve so many problems that people face while trying to maintain their nutritional goals in the midst of life. The concept and design of these bags are thoughtful and user-friendly. The materials are durable with quality zippers and clasps in all the right places. The bags are designed to keep your food cold from the beginning to the end of your day. I had been carrying my lunch in a leftover paper bag from a well-known coffee shop— this set up is so much better. If you get one, you won’t be disappointed.