Sex is an integral part of the life of every individual who has reached puberty. And, let’s face it, it’s quite a buzzing part of it. But the problem is that this pleasant pastime requires both partners to be equally playful. Gentlemen, as a rule, have no problems with this case – almost any healthy representative of the stronger sex winds up with a “half-speed”. But girls, on the other hand, are a very delicate thing. Anything can affect the presence (or absence) of sexual desire. 

And there is no time for jokes. After some time you will begin to think about probing the soil. You might even turn to, to buy specialized medications. Our recommendations will help you get the passion back into the relationship.

She’s had a bad day

So, if your lover lets you know that the day she had, to put it mildly, not good, with bedtime platitudes to it is better not to “pick up”. What you need from you in this case – doubled care and tripled attention. A glass of wine and “free ears” in addition – step one. Well, and then act according to the situation. One-time hug her, cover her feet with a plaid, try to predict her desires. The main thing – no abruptness (neither in words nor in movements).

She is ready

When your partner clearly hints that she is ready for sex, do not play hard to get. After all, she is waiting for you to act decisively, no otherwise. So “turn on the male” – and go! Good move – without offence and false embarrassment to explain to her what you want to do with her right here and right now. And do not be shy in expressions – the more immodest epithets you allow yourself, the higher will be the “degree” of your passion.

You are together too long

A long relationship with the same partner is not only stability, but also routine. Not always, but usually. So short-term separations are certainly beneficial. When you are apart, throw your beloved messages, in which you describe in detail how much you want her. And it is better to meet on neutral territory. After all, if you delay the time of sex, you will get even more pleasure from it. And Viagra for women will make it even brighter for your partner and for you, respectively.

By the way, in addition to parting, a beneficial effect on stale sex life: watching porn movies together, going to a sex shop (followed by the purchase of something “interesting”), some “collective” extreme entertainment, as well as tickling the nerves of intercourse in a public place. As you can see, nothing complicated. You do not have to learn aerobatics. Love each other, be honest, eliminate selfishness from the relationship and everything will work out! If you need to buy specialized drugs, it makes sense to visit This will help you to eliminate some difficulties and create an optimal atmosphere for a perfect sexual relationship. Now there are many excellent medications that you can use to eliminate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.