Analysis of price lists showed that you can buy Instagram bots at low prices. There are sites that offer bots at a higher price. It is influenced not only by the base and the rate of entry, but also by the individual markup of the service. Therefore, there is no point in overpaying when you can get the same bots for cheap. Robots are not a unit whose quality matters, as in the case of followers. By the way, if you buy 1,000 or more units, the high addition rate can play a cruel trick on your account. Instagram can simply block your profile. If you want to buy instagram followers, bots might be a good option. But you must understand that they are not live followers, but simply created accounts. So you will need to use your talent in any case to find a target audience and earn money on Instagram.

How to reduce the risks and make the purchase as safely as possible?

  • Don’t order a lot of bots on an empty unfilled account. Make a few publications on it, post stories, invite friends and acquaintances to subscribe, fill in your profile header, etc. You will also need likes and comments on posts. Again, you can ask your friends to be active on your page or you can order these items from a service.
  • Don’t chase the speed of adding, especially if you buy more than 1000 bots at a time. Instagram’s algorithms are strict with respect to such actions, so if you purchase 10000 units, specify in the comment of your order that the bots should not be added more than 1000 units per day;
  • Be deliberate in your choice of service. First, do not purchase bots on free exchanges. You risk losing your account forever. When choosing a platform, pay attention to a number of criteria: the design and interface of the site, their quality, professionalism of implementation; The presence of prices in the public domain on the site; 24/7 chat with the manager and support service; Several proven payment systems for payment; A wide range of payment plans; The lack of mandatory registration when ordering.
  • You should not order at several services at the same time. If you want to try each of them, then buy bots at first on one site, wait until the service is complete and after a couple of days go to the next one.

Stick to these simple rules and you will be able to buy bot followers on Instagram for your account not only cheaply, but also safely. Agree, it would be a shame to lose a page and waste money due to trivial carelessness. Especially when you have already invested time and effort into your account.

But remember that buying bots is not a panacea. It only helps to make the page more popular in the early stages of development. For your live audience to come to you and stay with you, you need to create interesting posts and stories, make publications every day, buy advertising, collaborate with other bloggers, etc. If you want to make money from your account, you will have to make an effort. For all popular bloggers, Instagram is a real job with a full-time schedule. So if you think you can get a lot of bots per page and immediately start earning, you are in for a big disappointment.

Choose a few topics that you will write about on your page, prepare photos to publish, make a content plan for a week or a month and go ahead. At first you can use the best site to buy instagram followers, but then you will need to work on your own. Nevertheless, you can really find a lot of new customers with the help of this social network. So it’s worth the effort and get quality results. If you can keep working on developing your account, you will get more and more followers. This will help you get to the next level and get everything you need so that you can get quality results.