There are many basketball competitions in the world, most of which are held under the auspices of FIBA. According to the geographical division into continents, the corresponding championships are held for national teams. Two tournaments, the World Championships and the Summer Olympics Basketball Competitions, are considered world tournaments. Club tournaments are held according to a similar principle on the continents. In Europe there are 7 competitions for clubs, not counting national championships. Nevertheless, the strongest and most spectacular championship on the planet, the NBA, takes place in the very homeland of basketball. You can follow the latest bucksetball news at

National Basketball Association: Description

The home of basketball is the United States. There are dozens of basketball leagues: professional, semi-professional, college, regional, short season and more. There isn’t enough space to cover them all, so let’s look at the most prominent basketball competition in the United States: the National Basketball Association (NBA) championships. For decades, clubs from cities across the United States and Canada have fought for the most coveted title – the NBA championship ring. 

Today, there are 30 teams divided geographically into 2 conferences (East and West) and divisions. Every year (except for lockout years when problems with state agencies arise) from October till April the regular season lasts for 82 games (there are more games against teams from their own conference than against representatives of the other one). At the end of the regular season, 8 teams from each conference play their playoff games separately until 4 wins, with the team ranked higher in the regular season having home court advantage in 7 games: 2 at home – 2 away – 1 at home – 1 away – 1 home. 

After determining the conference winners, it’s time for the NBA Finals. The conference winners play in a thrilling four-game scrimmage. I would like to say that the NBA is not only the strongest basketball league on the planet, millions of dollars in advertising contracts and worldwide broadcasts. The NBA is a world that actively participates in social projects and promotes sports and healthy lifestyles. It has its own philosophy, which turns a standoff between clubs into a standoff between cities and states. Here brilliant players and coaches are born and finally formed who change the history of all sports. But most importantly, what American basketball gives us is a show that makes everyone who touches basketball in one way or another their slave.

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